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  • Craig Williams


We launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Open Fire range on Kickstarter on the 18th February 2021 and what a response we got! We knew there was a market for cookware that is for outdoor food lovers, but the response from all you avid outdoor cooks surpassed our expectations. We smashed our £2k target in less that 24 hours and went on to secure 95 sales and a total of 101 backers throughout the campaign.

Our Open Fire range is fuelled with the burning desire to change the way you eat and cook outdoors. Too long has camping food been a bland oversight. Our Kickstarter backers want a change to the food they eat outdoors and have joined us on our mission to make outdoor cooking even more epic. Some of our backers are already sending us pictures of their meals and we are ecstatic to see our cookware in use. Its amazing to see how people are using the Open Fire as an oven to bake food outdoors. Being able to assemble the Open Fire to bake food outdoors is what makes the cookware so unique and versatile. This additional cooking method requires no additional parts and is far lighter than a cast iron dutch oven alternative.

If you're looking to up your outdoor cooking game, check out our Open Fire range, you're about to open up a whole new level of taste sensation. For ideas on what to cook, follow us on Instagram @madogoutdoors.

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