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Sustainable outdoor cookware

Long-lasting design

The word durability is thrown about willy nilly in the outdoors industry and used to market products that are under-engineered and last only a few years. We will only call our products durable if we are confident the product will sustain a lifetime of heavy use. For the Open Fire range, we have carefully refined the material selection to 3mm carbon steel. If you buy cookware made from carbon steel thinner than this it will warp, we've tested it. Furthermore, the handle is cast from 316 stainless steel. Yes 316! For those of you that don't know, 316, also known as 'marine grade', it's the bees knees when it comes to stainless steel. Opting for uncoated mono-materials is our biggest step toward long-lasting design. Coatings on cookware have too short a lifespan. The "non-stick" layer on seasoned cookware is forever renewable. Amazing.

Reusability and recyclability

Carbon steel is 100% recyclable should you ever need to do so. We use absolutely no plastic in our product and packaging. Also, as our cookware is made from mono-materials it is easier to recycle. Multi-material cookware (which is pretty much everything apart from uncoated cast iron and carbon steel) requires a lot more energy to recycle as the layers have to be separated.

Sustainable materials

Carbon steel cookware produces about 70% less CO2 emissions compared to aluminium cookware. We were very careful to select the materials based on the footprint they produce. We used a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to analyse every material we could have used to create this cookware, and carbon steel wins all round.

Our biggest challenge

Nobody is perfect. Being a small start-up with low initial volumes, we can only provide a high-quality product with competitive pricing by utilising our connections in the far east. These factories are producing some of the highest-quality parts for the marine industry and other premium outdoors companies. China currently has the fastest-growing steel recycling scheme of any country, but it still doesn't match what we have here in the UK. If we can, one day we aim to build our very own manufacturing facility right here in Wales! This is a distant dream, and but your support can help us get there.

Sustainable distribution

Opting for sea freight reduces our CO2 emissions from transport by approximately 98%. Air freight is that bad. Currently, our total transportation (factory to warehouse to customer) makes up for 5% of our total CO2 emissions.

More than meat

Currently, the world of outdoor cooking is dominated by cooking large hunks of meat. We want to show people that there is more to life than steak. We aim to inspire people through our social media channels and explore the delicious world of vegetables cooked over an open flame. We are actively seeking Vegetarian and Vegan cooking enthusiasts to rep our products, so get in touch!

Why we think seasoned cookware is the best choice for outdoor cookware
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