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Madog Outdoors will facilitate outdoor cooking adventures by designing high-performance equipment with a low environmental impact.

Growing up in the Gower Peninsula and born into a family of makers with a “can-do” attitude, I was nurtured to love the outdoors, and had an innate ability to make and fix stuff. Without knowing it at the time, this is what led me to study product design engineering.

During my studies, I struggled to absorb information from lectures and gained a much better understanding of a topic by teaching myself. This freed up a lot of time during university, and this is where I became obsessed with cooking. I never read cookery books, just threw ingredients in a pan and kept tasting and adding until It was a masterpiece, or in the beginning, barely edible. In my second year, I entered the year of curry. I would sometimes make curry for breakfast lunch and dinner. I love curry.

In my final year of studying, I was able to combine my love for the outdoors and my obsession with food to design an outdoor cooking system. This is where Madog Outdoors began. I found that most outdoor cookware was hellbent on being lightweight and did not facilitate an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience. I wanted to change the perception of outdoor cooking; from a notion of necessity to one of pleasure.

I learnt to properly design and engineer products for the outdoors while working in the marine industry. I kept doodling and developing my outdoor cookware as a hobby, then one day I sat down, drew up the CAD, bashed out some prototypes, and started talking to chefs and key people in the outdoors industry. I was relieved to hear that they were all as excited about my vision as I was.

Craig Williams

Founder & MD

Design for longevity

The word durability is thrown about willy-nilly in the outdoors industry and used to market products that are under-engineered and last only a few years. We will only call our products durable if we are confident the product will sustain a lifetime of heavy use.

Environmental commitment

Long-lasting design is not enough to be sustainable. We conduct a full life-cycle assessment on each of our products which aids the design process to ensure we can offer a product that is both high-performance and low-impact.

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Community Support

It is thanks to all the great people in the outdoor and catering industry that Madog cookware exists. Through extensive product testing they have provided feedback to feed the design process. We are proud to say we are delivering a product that comes from the customers requirements.

We welcome feedback and constructive criticism on all our products and services. If you want to get involved with the design process and be a test dummy then get in touch now.

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Martin Davies

The Britannia Inn, Llanmadoc

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Chris Robers


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Jamie Dakota

Howl Bushcraft

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Andrew Price

Dryad Bushcraft

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