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Standard 2-year Warranty


This warranty certifies that your product is free from defects caused by materials or craftsmanship for the duration of 2-years from the date of purchase.


Please contact a member of our Customer Services at to lodge a warranty claim. You will need to include an order number, what the issue is and a photo of the defect. Should we find any parts are defective we will replace them with the same product when possible or similar in the case of a new edition or discontinued products. The customer assumes the responsibility for return shipping and damages caused thereof. A replaced item will have its warranty period end 2-years from the original purchase date.


We’ve designed a burly cookware set that is designed for a lifetime of heavy use, but misuse will see this product fail. So what is classed as misuse and what don’t we cover?


- Rusting resulting from improper care

- Failures from excessive mechanical loading

- Warping or failure due to thermal shock

- Failures as a result of unauthorised modifications

- Normal wear and tear

- Stains, discolouration and scratches

- Mildly oxidised patches on the cookware when unboxing bigger than 20mm in diameter

- Machine marks and surface inconsistencies from manufacturing

- Accidents caused by natural disasters


The warranty is only valid to the customer who purchased the product from new. The warranty is not transferable when the product is sold onwards. 

This warranty is limited to the original consumer only with proof of purchase and is not transferable. If the product was not purchased new from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer, distributor, or representative of the manufacturer, this warranty is null and void.

Madog Outdoors is solely responsible for defects to their products and not for any special, incidental or consequential damages.

Our carbon steel and stainless steel products conform to Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 of the European parliament (contact with food).

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