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Open Fire Skillet - 23cm

Open Fire Skillet - 23cm


Whether you're cooking at home, on the barbeque or over an open fire in the wild, the Open Fire Skillet will have you frying, sautéing and searing food to gourmet perfection. The Open Fire Skillet is made from carbon steel which has similar cooking performance to cast iron but at half the weight, making it the perfect balance between portability and cooking performance. The natural seasoned layer will be built up over time to offer a stick-resistant surface without artificial PTFE or PFOA. With tender love and care, our Open Fire cookware will truly last a lifetime of use on an open flame and all other fuel sources. The detachable handle means no burns, and easier packing and storage.


Designed for adventurous food lovers, the Open Fire Skillet will become a trusted companion for many epic meals to come.

Open Fire Skillet includes:

  • 23cm (9") skillet
  • 316 stainless steel detachable handle



  • Cookware constructed from 3mm carbon steel for even heat distribution.
  • Excellent heat retention which is vital for open flame cooking and perfect for high temperature searing.
  • High strength TIG-Welded brackets.
  • Lower carbon footprint than any other cookware material.
  • Detachable handle is key to dealing with such high temperatures.

Item arrives unseasoned (grey) and turns black once seasoned.

Total weight: 1.4kg

Packed dimensions: ∅250x50mm

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