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The “Open Fire" is a portable, carbon steel cookware range, designed especially for open-flame cooking in the great outdoors but a versatile all-rounder that can be used anywhere on any fuel source. The "Open Fire Set" comprises a 3L Dutch oven and 9" skillet which can be combined and used in a variety of configurations, with a detachable handle and carry bag. The "Open Fire Dutch Oven" and "Open Fire Skillet" can also be ordered individually.

For us, a formidable feast is a fundamental part of every adventure, and should be about more than just necessity – it should be about pleasure.

Madog’s outdoor cooking equipment is for those who choose to thrive, not just survive, in the great outdoors. Our carbon steel Open Fire Set unleashes a whole new world of outdoor cooking possibilities. A solid choice for the basecamp kitchen, our cookware will endure the elements, improve with use, and make the flavour of food flourish.


The main barrier we all have to epic outdoor feasts is our cookware. Thin, lightweight camping cookware reacts to temperature changes too quickly to cope with the inconsistent heat from an open flame, giving you no control, and resulting in poorly cooked meals. You want cookware with a large heat capacity, which smooths out temperature spikes and provides consistent, controllable cooking temperature for perfectly cooked food. Cast iron is amazing for this, but it’s just too heavy.

Thermal response white background.png

Carbon steel - the cooking performance of cast iron, but lighter.


Professional chefs all over the world choose carbon steel because it offers a superior cooking experience. A sweet spot between cast iron and stainless steel in terms of weight, durability, and natural non-stick properties. Carbon steel is as enjoyable to cook with as cast iron while being more portable and easier to use.

Dani carrying bag.bmp


Get a handle on things.

Fixed handles have a tendency to get ridiculously hot. Our detachable handle is key to dealing with such high temperatures. We’ve opted for a novel design of handle unique to Madog, which feels sturdy, secure, and works with all our cooking components. Oh, and it doubles up as a bottle opener too!

Detahable Handle V5.gif

Cookware designed to last.

With a 3mm thick carbon steel construction and tough TIG-welded brackets, this cookware is designed to put up with the extreme heat from an open fire - which can reach over 1000 degrees - for a lifetime of heavy use.

Endless Outdoor Cooking Possibilities

Boil. Braise. Bake. Sear. Stew. Bain-Marie. All the options are on the table.

The carefully crafted geometry of our Open Fire Set can be put together and used in versatile ways, opening up a whole new world of open flame cooking possibilities. Beyond simply boiling and frying, the set can be used to oven bake and braise, or even make flatbreads on the lid/crepe pan. Its heat retention makes it perfect for high-temperature cooking techniques such as searing - that flavourful deep brown crust created by the Maillard reaction.


Use it on any fuel source - including open flames.

The Madog Open Fire Set can be used anywhere, whether your source of fuel is a hob, barbeque, portable stove, or an open flame. The even heat distribution and non-stick properties of carbon steel mean your food is less likely to catch - and burn. The result? Evenly cooked, delicious scran.


Unseasoned for a reason.

We believe that learning to season your cookware straight away empowers you to look after your kit and it’s also an opportunity to select a cooking oil suited to your cooking style - instructions included.

It’s the difference between buying a plant in the supermarket and growing your own from seed - the satisfaction can’t be compared.


Let your outdoor cooking adventures begin!

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