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Pot Rub - Carbon Steel And Cast Iron Seasoning Wax

Pot Rub - Carbon Steel And Cast Iron Seasoning Wax


​Our seasoning wax has been formulated to give your seasoned cookware the most durable seasoning layer possible. It is specifically designed to withstand flaking at high temperatures. As a result, It's perfect for searing and cooking over an open flame. Rub it onto your BBQ grates, massage it into your favourite Dutch oven, or lather up your Madog Open Fire cookware. We've even included the recipe on the tin if you want to make a second batch.


Durable: The perfect balance of sunflower oil (high in omega-6) and rapeseed oil (high in omega-3) provides the ideal chemical composition for developing a durable seasoning layer on your cast iron and carbon steel cookware.

Natural: made from 100% natural ingredients.

Convenient: Our 125ml tin of Pot Rub is solid at room temperature so there's no risk of it spilling out while you're in transit to your favorite cooking spot.

Reinforced: beeswax helps to create a stronger net-like structure to your seasoning layer, which results in a better non-stick surface and increased durability.

Includes: 125ml tub of Madog Pot Rub (cloth not included)

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