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  • Craig Williams

Hanging a pot on your campfire tripod

For maximum control when cooking over an open fire, you want to use a pot that has a bail handle and hang it from an adjustable tripod. With this setup you don't have to manage the fire temperature so carefully and instead you manage the distance between the base of the pot and the top of the flame. This is usually done by attaching a chain at different points.

We have designed a Bail Handle which fits both our Open Fire Dutch Oven and the Open Fire Skillet. It slides onto the brackets at the side of the cookware and forms a rigid connection that provides plenty of control when cooking over an open flame.

One of the greatest things about a bail handle is that it allows your to easily slow cook food by hanging your pot near the flame. We regularly do this to braise large cuts of meat or prepare stews. Just huddle around the campfire and relax while your meal cooks itself.

For a full campfire cooking setup you can purchase both our Open Fire cookware and a hand-forged tripod from They make superb cooking equipment that complements our carbon steel skillets and Dutch ovens. Or if you already have a tripod and looking for the right pots and pans for your campfire, you could try our Open Fire Set. It's designed for a lifetime of use over an open flame and gives you plenty of cooking options.

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