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Madog Outdoors Launches Kickstarter For “Open Fire” Carbon Steel Outdoor Cooking Range

“Madog Outdoors are making outdoor cooking epic for adventurous food lovers”

[Llanelli, United Kingdom] 18 February, 2021 – Madog Outdoors today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its new “Open Fire” range of portable, carbon steel cookware products, designed especially for open-flame cooking in the great outdoors.

The flagship product in the Open Fire range is the Open Fire Set, comprising a 3L Dutch oven and 23cm skillet which can be combined and used in a variety of configurations, along with a detachable handle and carry case. The Open Fire Dutch oven and the Open Fire Skillet can also be bought separately.

Madog Outdoors believes that existing portable outdoor cookware prioritises being lightweight over cooking performance, and does not cater for those that place food at the heart of their outdoor adventures. The Open Fire cookware range provides a richer outdoor cooking experience, with the versatility of indoor cooking and a balance between weight and cooking performance, making possible gourmet cooking in wild locations directly over a fire.

“I’ve never understood why outdoor cooking is secondary to the adventure. To me, cooking is the adventure,” says Craig Williams, Madog Outdoors Founder, who is a product design engineer, avid outdoor enthusiast, and travelled chef. “Our mission at Madog Outdoors is to transform the idea of outdoor cooking and make it even more epic.”

The features and benefits of the Open Fire cookware range include:

Carbon steel cookware is used in professional kitchens around the world because it offers the same cooking benefits as traditional cast iron at half the weight, making it more portable and easier to use. Madog Outdoors detachable handle design is key to using the Open Fire products directly on open flames.

Madog Outdoors’ Open Fire cookware range has been refined slowly over seven years, with input from chefs and bushcrafters, to create a versatile outdoor cooking experience. The Open Fire Set can be used in a variety of configurations, making it possible to cook delicate foods such as eggs and fish, as well as bake fresh bread or even roast a whole chicken.

The Open Fire Set is intended to last a lifetime with proper care. Madog’s carbon steel cookware is designed to be seasoned using natural oils, rather than artificial coatings which can be harmful when exposed to high temperatures. Layers of oil build up each time the set is used, improving its non-stick properties and cooking performance.

Madog Outdoors plans to collaborate with chefs and bushcrafters to provide outdoor cooking tips and recipes online on their social media channels and website.

Instagram: (@madogoutdoors)

Facebook: (@madogoutdoors)

The Madog Outdoors Open Fire range will be available on Kickstarter from 18 February - 18 March, 2021. Early supporters will get a special deal on the Open Fire Set at £80 (Retail £109). Individually, the Open Fire Skillet is priced for early backers at £35 (Retail £49), and the Open Fire Dutch Oven at £59 (Retail £79).

The Wales-based start-up hopes pre-orders from its Open Fire Kickstarter campaign, which ends 18 March, 2021, will help the company scale up production and allow it to push forward with future products.

For more information on Madog Outdoors’ Open Fire cookware range and how to support its Kickstarter campaign, visit

About Madog Outdoors: Madog Outdoors is on a mission to make outdoor cooking epic with its high-quality, portable cooking products. Madog Outdoors’’ first line of products, the “Open Fire” carbon steel range, launches in March 2021. The range includes the Open Fire Dutch Oven and the Open Fire Skillet, which can be combined and used in a variety of ways as the Open Fire Set. Future plans will see Madog Outdoors produce a variety of innovative outdoor cooking products, with a commitment to minimising its environmental impact. The company curates an outdoor cooking channel with recipes and tips on their social media channels (@madogoutdoors) and website:

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Craig Williams, Founder

Madog Outdoors LTD

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