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What is the best pan for the grill?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The Great British barbecue is transforming from burnt-to-a-crisp sausages eaten with a plastic fork to truly inspired gourmet feasts. Have you recently purchased a grill and/or smoker and are looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible? Then you need BBQ cookware!

Photo: @grumwynne

Why do I need different cookware for the BBQ?

The heat from an open flame is wildly inconsistent, and while kitchen cookware is designed to react quickly to temperature changes, you want your BBQ cookware to react slowly. This will give you much better control when trying to tune your cooking temperature. This property is known as heat retention. Both cast iron and carbon steel have excellent heat retention and the ideal choice for cooking on an open flame.

Do I need a detachable handle?

One really tricky part of cooking over an open flame is the scalding hot handle. While you can use a fire-resistant glove, we do think it’s best to find cookware with a detachable handle. This will give you optimal control when trying to tame the flame. Please don’t put a pan with a plastic handle over an open flame… It will melt.

Can I use non-stick cookware on the BBQ?

You can but we strongly advise against it. As temperatures can quickly soar, temperature-sensitive coatings (such as PTFE and other non-stick coatings) can break down and release toxins into the air, or worse, into your food. Also, as aluminium has very poor heat retention, it will be very difficult to regulate the cooking temperature of the pan.

What coating should I choose - seasoned or enamel/ceramic?

This depends on what you want out of your cookware. If you want some degree of non-stick and cookware that you will pass down to your grandkids, then go for seasoned cast iron or carbon steel. If you want maximum convenience go for enamelled/ceramic cast iron or carbon steel - just don't expect it to last too long as cooking outdoors increases the risk of chipping the coating off.

Can I use my BBQ cookware in the house?

ABSOLUTELY! Both cast iron and carbon steel are the ultimate all-rounders when it comes to cookware. You can do it all (fry, boil, braise, sear, saute, bake and steam), which is why it’s not just an investment for your outdoor kitchen, it will go with you everywhere. What is the Open Fire range?

We have designed a cookware set specifically for cooking over an open flame and all other fuel types. The Open Fire is manufactured from 3mm carbon steel which provides excellent heat retention and furthermore, the bead blast surface provides unmatched seasoning adhesion. The range features a detachable handle that is the key to dealing with such high temperatures - and it pops open a beer. With design for longevity in mind, our Open Fire range has been engineered to last multiple generations, featuring TIG-welded brackets and a 316 ‘marine grade’ detachable handle. On top of this, the Open Fire has been designed to nest together like camping cookware, so it’s highly compact, meaning you can take it with you on every food adventure.

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