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  • Craig Williams

Wilderness cooking with Howl Bushcraft

Howl Bushcraft optimises the style of cooking we love. Wilderness cooking. To top off their much-respected bushcraft courses, the team at Howl Bushcraft know how to throw a feast. Many first-timers to any bushcraft course get worried about what they may eat, or if they'll eat at all, but on a Howl course, you will come away reminiscing of the food adventure you went on the night before. All their food is cooked over an open flame, in a beautiful woodland north of Sheffield.

There is one specific course that is offered by the team at Howl Bushcraft that really focuses on cooking in the woods, it's called the "wild-kitchen outdoor cooking day" and this is one not to be missed. It is held once a year and gets booked up fast.

Jamie Dakota (JD) and Max Barnes of Howl were also involved with the development of our Open Fire range. We met up with them on multiple occasions to test out our outdoor cooking equipment and to give us feedback on the design and functionality. It is absolutely a better product thanks to JD and Max.

If you like the look of our outdoor cooking equipment and are keen to see it in action, there is no better place than a Howl Bushcraft course, as it is now one of their core pieces of cookware they use on every adventure. Our cooking equipment is also available to purchase on the Howl Bushcraft Store.

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