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  • Craig Williams

Glamorgan Sausages

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Every vegetarian needs to know about Glamorgan Sausages because they are so F~@king good. Trying to crumb outdoors is a nightmare as you need 3 bowls (flour, egg and crumbs) so we have altered the recipe to make it much easier. Albeit a loose recipe at that.


  • Open Fire Skillet or Dutch Oven

  • Spoon/tongs, or something to flip them

  • Knife

  • Mixing bowl (could use Dutch Oven)

Top Tips

  • This is a simple recipe so use the best ingredients you can find

  • Wet your hands when forming the sausages to stop them from sticking


I'll be honest I'm trying to recall the recipe from memory as it never got written down. This might be a common theme in our recipes and we think it's good to learn how to cook by feeling and taste rather than following strict measurements and rules. We will always be sure to tell you when it's a bit made up.

1. Light fire

2. Typically when you bind something with egg you will only add enough egg for it to just about come together. THIS IS DIFFERENT. To rid the process of the 3-bowl crumbling nightmare, you want to make the mixture eggier than usual. This means you can go straight ahead and toss the sausage-shaped mixture into the breadcrumbs. Yes, it does make them a bit eggy, but at the end of the day, you're outside and everything tastes better when eaten outside. Plus, a bit of extra protein is always good if you're about to embark on a hike.

Mix together.

  • 1 leek

  • A handful of Caerphilly cheese

  • A handful of breadcrumbs

  • Flavours (Thyme and mustard is traditional but you can go nuts, maybe even add nuts?)

  • Few eggs (start with 2)

3. Before crumbing every sausage, do a test and fry one up and see if it holds the crumb and shape when you fry it. If the crumb doesn't hold, add more egg, if the shape doesn't hold, add more crumbs and/or cheese.

4. Form into sausage shapes and crumb them all! 5. Fry them all in a good bit of oil. Remember there are 4 sides to a sausage! Or 6 if you pop these on their side to crisp up the ends.

  • Sunflower/rapeseed oil for frying

6. Serve with your favourite chutney. We used a tomato and chilli chutney and it was epic.

Don't be put off by this trial-and-error recipe. This is what cooking is all about! You will never be able to experiment if you don't understand why things work and why they don't. A big pile of mushy fried Glamorgan sausage would still be amazingly delicious, so don't stress.

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